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If you have a webpage or business page you need art work done for, I'm your gal. 
$2.50 should't kill you too much should it??
Mutsumi Suginami (Tears) [V7] 
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Shekinah Glory
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I've only had art classes in 4th, 7th, and 9th grade. all of which never taught me how to draw people. I've been drawing for almost 11 years now in traditional art and the past few years or so in digital. For my everyday drawings I use Prismacolor Inking Pens and Pencils (they work together awesomely).

My Brain process when creating RP's
1. listen to some amazing music (idea sparker)
2. Converse ideas with others to build it a bit more
3. Brainstorm possibilities
5. ^^^World building~^^^
6. Starting up a Google Doc (This is just how I like to do role-plays)

How I do the thing:

The reason I choose to put things on a google document is so we can do whatever, and only share it with who we want to. This also allows us to be more organized and put our stuff into a folder.

I generally use colors to indicate who is who, and asterisks to show actions. For the most part, this is Third Person.
ex. *He shouted*

I know that it's like One-Liners
One-Liner Role-play consisting of only a single line or a few short lines — often occurs within chatrooms, widely considered to be very amateur. Sometimes referred to as “action roleplay” wherein actions are interspersed with speech, like so:
*Azazel walks into the room, glowering.* I just got caught poaching from the boss’s private stash! *Azazel kicks over a trash can.*

But this is how I've grown up doing it, and I'm more comfortable with this way of typing. minus saying their name every time.

I've tried doing RP in Skype (hated the bolded words as the actions and ~'s becoming crossed out words), tried e-mails (I found myself having to always write out their names as well as everything they were doing to an extreme extent), Texts (it was easier to know when someone replied but again, with the names), and forums (which I was fine with paragraph style and all of it's workings.. just seems a bit tasking over a long period of time.)

There's nothing wrong with saying their names often in action-speak. I just prefer it to be simpler. Plus the "OOC" is in a chat box on the same page for google doc's, so again, less complicated and no need to say OOC or use Parentheses in the middle of our typing.

Do's(+) and No-No's (-)


Heavily sexual content (unless I know you well, and I am comfortable having those interactions)
+Near death events ( SUSPENSE )
Killing off a character without prior discussions of it. (duh...)
+Having lots of characters (I'm gonna have a lot too, chances are if one of us has more than the other, we're gonna be talking to ourselves too much. Plot characters are good, along with side characters and NPC's. Being fair with the effort load is always good to keep things fun.)
Extreme god-mods (I'm fine with lots of super powers and references to anime's, as long as the character uses these in moderation, like I said, no insta-deaths and no random powers popping out of nowhere just because they became convenient. Try and keep them to 1-2 powers max.. please @_@)

Heavy structure to the RP (I'd like it to feel natural, I find very structured RP's to die quickly because of all of the rules. This is our world, we can do what we want? Right?) <--- This includes school settings, lets just assume they graduated High school already. or if they are taking a college class, have something happen to them before during or after class, but I don't think we wanna hear the long lectures in RP and in real life.

+Well mannered Baddies (yes, they are evil, we get it, but no being a complete d**k head and constantly torturing people. ya hear?)

+Plot twists (If you have a cool idea, do it! This is a basic thing to keep things interesting. :3 )

+Main characters living together as room-mates or having an HQ (This makes things a LOT easier. For the sake of less traveling between houses just to have dialogues. The baddies are going to peruse the characters anyways, most everyone has to go outside sometimes to get food, ect... and of course, adventures happen when characters venture outside, and when this does happen, thats when s**t gets crazy, send out the SOS for backup.) <--- very negotiable, they don't have to live together. But it's a bit more fun.

If we do an RP together, please don't expect it to be like a month or two one..
I understand if you really don't wanna rp anymore, but I get very attached to the OC's I make as if they are my own children.. and would like to continue living~
Please give me time to get used to you as a person before we do a RP, because I am quite shy and nervous around new people.

If you have questions or comments please Note me rather than post in the comments Heart  thank you~Spoopy (F2U) 
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